Montenegro Smoking Weekend – A weekend of true hedonism

We are pleased to host the Smoking weekend again this year, an event dedicated to the true enjoyment of carefully selected cigars, food and drink.

The event, which lasted from June 16 to 18, was filled with exclusive events organized in our Beach and Cocktail Bar, as well as in the Lounge Bar located on the roof of our hotel.

Maya Selva Cigar Day, cigar rolling master workshop, Davidoff White Party-style gala dinner and Smoking Brunch marked this year’s Smoking Weekend. Those present had the opportunity to enjoy premium cigars and excellent drinks with a careful selection of music and food specially prepared by the chef of the Kalamper Hotel.

If we add to the above the magical atmosphere and the view of the azure blue sea, you will understand why this event was memorable.

Montenegro Smoking Weekend – A unique opportunity to enjoy the best cigars and cuisine that Montenegro has to offer.

Montenegro Smoking Weekend – A weekend of true hedonism

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