Caffe Pizzeria

Caffe pizzeria

Caffe Pizzeria Kalamper - Awaken your senses

Discover rich Mediterranean flavors and a unique atmosphere in the enchanting ambience of Kalamper Caffe Pizzeria.

Classic design and a calm interior complemented by a beautiful view of the turquoise blue sea is the best description of this restaurant , which is located in the annex building of the Kalamper Hotel right on the coast.

Here you will enjoy fresh, simple dishes and a stunning view as well as a carefully selected drink that will complete your experience.

The menu always includes high-quality meat and seafood specialties. Lovers of Italian cuisine can enjoy pasta, pizza, tortillas and other dishes that we put a lot of effort and love into.

In order to make sure that you take the most beautiful impressions from our restaurant, we try to use everyday ingredients to make dishes that all your senses enjoy.

Enjoy and indulge yourself!

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